Stormy Weather – SAT Question of the Day

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August 20, 2015
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Stormy Weather – SAT Question of the Day

In this sentence, we read that the hurricane went through the town and left a blanket of something. A blanket, of course, is a covering. We are also told in this sentence that the covering is made of uprooted vegetation, fragments of housing material, and garbage, which is a description of the kind of debris we would expect if a storm caused destruction.

Out of the word choices offered, only one comes close to the meaning described in the context of the sentence. Our other choices are not even close. "Vestibule" is a hallway or enclosed space; "intermediary" means someone who acts as a go-between. "Provender" means food. And "decoy" is a fake object that is used to lure someone or something. The correct answer, "detritus," means waste or debris.

The correct answer is (A).



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