Snow Problem — What To Do If Your SAT Date Was Cancelled

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January 22, 2016
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Snow Problem — What To Do If Your SAT Date Was Cancelled


If you’ve been using Prep4SAT to study for the SAT, you’ll want to hold off updating the app until after you take your rescheduled SAT. We’re about to release a new version of the app for the Redesigned SAT early February, so if you update, your app will be for the Redesigned SAT, not the current/old version of the SAT you’ll be taking February 20. If  you have any questions about the app release, check out this blog post or don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at


You’ve spent months studying for the SAT, angsting over everything from geometry to pacing, you’re ready to rock this thing aaaaand your exam was just postponed for almost an entire month because of severe weather. Whether this is the best news possible, or an event that ratcheted up your stress levels even more, we have your must-do next steps to deal with your test date being rescheduled.


1. Get informed

Right away, find out when your new test date is. For many testers, the new date will be February 20th. If your test date is still undetermined, know that the College Board is working on securing those dates. If you were taking the January 23 SAT on a waitlist ticket, you may not be able to reschedule your test for the current SAT and will need to register for the following administration and the revised SAT. If you’ll be away on school break during the new date, you may need to reorganize travel plans.


2. Call schools, stat

If you are still applying to colleges this year, this delay could wreak havoc on your application submissions. Contact the schools you’re applying to right away and inquire about submitting your SAT scores late. You likely won’t be the only student affected, and schools may be understanding. However, this is one of the risks you run when you choose a late test administration. If some of your schools will not allow you to submit SAT scores past their deadlines, you may need to find additional alternatives, perhaps schools with a longer rolling admissions period. Don’t panic. Since you certainly couldn’t have controlled the weather, the odds of being able to submit late scores are in your favor.


3. Make a plan

You may think you have close to a month’s reprieve before your new test date, but that time goes by much faster than you think. Three days have already gone by since the cancellation, that’s 10% of your time already gone. If you were fully prepared for the exam on the eve of the SAT, don’t change anything. Keep your study pace and do not slack in the next month. You don’t want your months of hard work to go to waste. You want your knowledge and timing to be fresh for the next test date. If this cancellation was a gift from the Gods of Second Chances, use this time to do what you should have done — study! Portion out the topics you wished you’d studied and tackle them. You may never have a similar opportunity to course-correct like this, so use it!


4. Learn from the experience

Snow days a life rarity. You won’t often get a second chance with high-stakes activities. The advantage to planning ahead and not waiting until the last minute to test (or get to the airport, or find a great yearbook quote) is not having to hope that you’ll be able to reschedule and be accommodated.


Was your SAT postponed? What are you going to be doing for the next month to make sure you’re ready on your new date? Let us know!

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