SAT Writing – SAT Question of the Day

SAT Writing — SAT Question of the Day
November 5, 2015
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November 11, 2015

SAT Writing – SAT Question of the Day

In choice (A), the phrase "featuring stories charged with emotion and celebrating achievement and ambition" is a valid modifier of "commencement speeches," as it's set off by commas and it preserves parallel structure between the two things listed (both are -ing verbs). Choice (A) is clear and accurate.

Choice (B) is not a grammatically formed sentence, since the comma after "ambition" cuts the subject "speeches" off from its verb, "are." We can eliminate choice (B). Choice (C) uses the incorrect verb tense in the phrase "celebrating," since in this clause, "celebrate" is part of the predicate that goes with the subject "commencement speeches" and should be a conjugated verb, like "feature stories." We can eliminate choice (C).

Choice (D) introduces unnecessary wordiness and obscures the meaning of the sentence. The pronoun "they" could refer logically only to "commencement speeches." In that case, however, the sentence indicates nonsensically that "commencement speeches" are uplifting or trite with commencement speeches. We can eliminate choice (D). In choice (E), the presence of the conjunction "and" requires what precedes it to be an independent clause, since coordinating conjunctions such as "and" join independent clauses. However, the phrase that precedes it isn't an independent clause; it's only a modifying phrase, which ends up modifying nothing. We can eliminate choice (E).

The correct answer is (A).

We know it’s only November, but today’s post gives you a little glimpse into the future.

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