SAT Writing — SAT Question of the Day

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September 30, 2015
SAT Writing — SAT Question of the Day
October 6, 2015

SAT Writing — SAT Question of the Day

In the last part of the sentence, the behavior of the journalists is described as reflecting the will of the people through petty crimes and antics. We are looking for a word that describes criminal behavior. Since this is happening during times of cultural change and unrest, the word may also imply that the criminal acts are for the purpose of causing change.

The only word available that references criminal behavior is "miscreants." "Miscreant" means a person who behaves badly or illegally. "Anomalies" means things that are different. They may depart from a rule or norm, but not in a way that is necessarily criminal. "Moderates" are persons who are in the middle rather than at an extreme. And "neophytes" are persons who are new to something.

The correct answer is (C).

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