SAT Quant Multiple Choice — SAT Question of the Day

SAT Math — SAT Question of the Day
October 16, 2015
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October 21, 2015

SAT Quant Multiple Choice — SAT Question of the Day

This question requires us to relate the unknown values of "potential days worked" with an unknown "number of absences" to find the total amount Hunt earns. It is alright that we don't know the actual number for either unknown as we will use the variables w and a to represent those quantities. We will multiply the variables with their corresponding dollar amounts and combine them to find the total dollar amount.

The tricky part of this question is recognizing that the total number of days Hunt works is not represented by the variable w as w only represents the potential number of days he can work. To find the actual number of days he works, we must subtract his absences, a, from the potential days available to work, w.

If w is the number of working days in a month, then Hunt is paid for w - a number of days, minus the rate per absence. In dollars, he will earn, 200(w−a)−250a

The correct answer is (B).

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