How To Fall In Love with… The SAT

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How To Fall In Love with… The SAT

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and we’re feeling the love at Prep4SAT. Yes, prepping future college students for the SAT is our job, but we also really love our job…and the SAT! We know what you’re thinking, why would anyone feel any sort of affection toward a four-hour test you have to take on a perfectly good Saturday morning? We’re here to tell you there are plenty of things, ok, a few things, to love about studying for the SAT, and how you can get those warm, fuzzy feelings, too.


It’s an opportunity

First, remember that the SAT isn’t an end in and of itself. You’re not taking the SAT to practice your Scantron bubbling technique. Rather, you’re using it as one of many tools at your disposal to get into college and start an exciting new chapter in your life. To that end, the SAT isn’t a hurdle, it’s an opening. The less you see the test as an obstacle, the more you’ll embrace the studying and practicing process because you’ll see it as the beginning of your college journey, rather than something that’s keeping you from that. Better yet, look at the SAT as a key that can unlock your future. The better you do, the more opportunities you’ll have at your disposal: more college choices and access to greater merit-based scholarships.


It’s under your control 

The second thing to love about the SAT that too few students appreciate is that it’s a story that you can control, almost entirely. What do we mean? You control your SAT destiny. Even if you start far below your target score, how much work you put in starting NOW will determine your final result. What other aspect of your college application can you completely control and change in just a few months of preparation? By the time you’re a senior in high school, most of your education, and your GPA, is behind you, as are your extracurriculars, but your SAT score is yours to do with what you will. How awesome is that?


It’s tough, but you’re tougher

Another great reason to love your prep time is a little more Zen. You’re devoting yourself to a process that is difficult, and committing to a goal. Think about other things you’ve undertaken that were tough — a semester-long research paper, a multi-day hiking trek — there was a point where you surrendered to the process and maybe started to like it? There’s a lot to be said for the discipline and mental toughness you learn while studying, and these skills will come in handy when you’re having to choose between a rager on Fraternity Row and studying for a midterm on a Friday night.

Speaking of skills, those you learn to apply on the SAT, from reading comprehension to synthesizing multiple information sources, will come in very handy in your college classes, no matter your major. Even if you never see a quadratic formula again in your life, you’ll still apply formal logic and mathematical thinking to your intro to philosophy class, or macroeconomics. And of course, you’ll be reading, a LOT.

So, tell us, do you secretly love studying for the SAT?


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