5 Tips for An End of the Summer SAT Study Plan

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5 Tips for An End of the Summer SAT Study Plan

As much as we hate to admit it, summer will soon be coming to a close soon. Perhaps your plans to study for the SAT this summer have fallen through so far. However, even if you haven’t attempted a single SAT question, there’s still enough time this summer for you to make a positive impact on your SAT score. Here’s how to get the most out of the rest of this summer.


1. Don’t wait any longer

Even though there’s less than two months of summer left, there’s still enough time to raise your SAT score by upwards of a few hundred points. This will only be the case though if you start now and make the most of the remaining time before school starts back up.

Need some motivation to help you get started? The SAT is one of the only parts of your college application that you can improve in a short amount of time. Unless you’re just starting high school, you can’t go back and change the grades you got or the classes you took nor can you boost your GPA in under a semester, but you can improve your SAT score. Depending on how much you need to improve, it could just take a month of dedicated studying to reach a score that will provide a boost to your application.


2. First assess your current strengths and weaknesses

Yes, taking a practice test is about the least appealing way to begin your end of summer prep, but it will actually save you time. Taking an initial practice test will show you exactly which parts of the test you do well on and which you don’t. With this knowledge, you can be more discriminating in what you study.

The sections of the SAT you do poorly on are your biggest opportunities for improvement, so it makes sense to focus on these areas first. However, you’ll still want to dedicate time to work on your strengths, which brings us to the next tip.


3. Set weekly goals

The best way to accomplish a goal is to break it down into smaller goals. Begin each week knowing what you’d like to study and accomplish by the end of the week. Try to be specific when making study plans. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to hold yourself accountable, and keeping to a schedule will help you stay organized. Each week, decide which parts of the test you want to study and for how long. As mentioned above, spend most of your time working on your weaknesses but also set aside time each day to practice what you’re already good at too.


4. Re-evaluate regularly

If you really want to stay on track and see improvement in your score, add a practice test to your weekly or bi-weekly study plan. Testing, especially in the areas you’re weakest, helps you keep track of your progress. You’ll be able to gauge whether you’re making improvement in the sections you originally struggled in and have a better idea of what to study next. Testing will also help you retain what you’ve studied by making you apply what you’ve learned.


5. Study on the go

Hopefully you have more going on this summer than just studying for the SAT. Whether you’re going on a trip, spending time outdoors, or are just on the go, you can bring your SAT prep with you with Prep4SAT. The app helps simplify studying with bite-sized lessons you can study at your own pace, and Prep4SAT’s analytics helps you track your progress and improvement, so you don’t have to take practice test Check it out for iOS or Android.

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